Scan chamber was used by WOLF in their latest collaboration with gaming powerhouse CD Projekt RED. Metascanner was deployed to transport triple platinum Polish pop sensation Dawid Podsiadło into the smash hit game Cyberpunk2077: Phantom Liberty

Now, the stunning capabilities of Metahero technology are finally there for all to see on the biggest stage!

Between record-breaking sold-out arena shows and chart-topping hits, Dawid and CD Projekt RED embarked on an ambitious multi-faceted collab, leading up to their ultimate end game…Bringing Dawid to life in Cyberpunk 2077, in stunning 3D.

In a long-anticipated moment for both WOLF and Metahero, CD Projekt RED today released their behind-the-scenes documentary, revealing the epic journey of their collaboration with Dawid. In one section of the footage, Dawid can be seen entering Metahero chamber aided by some of the WOLF team, and transformed into his digital self.

Dawid’s rise from national pop sensation to virtual superstar wasn’t just serendipity. Having come to fame via TV’s X-Factor Poland, his ascension since has led him to pack out the country’s largest venues, including Warsaw’s massive National Stadium with a record-breaking 80,000 fans (selling out quicker than both Beyonce and Ed Sheeran!). A talent loved equally for his sense of humor, likable nature and everyman personality, as well as his famous music. 

Having first been teased live at his sold-out concert in Warsaw, his jump into the Cyberpunk 2077 world was a move that gaming & music fans alike didn’t see coming, but once revealed, it’s clear this was a perfect match, especially given his self-professed love for video games!

We sat down for an in-depth talk with WOLF’s COO Konrad Sobczak to hear more about this incredible collaboration, where he expanded on WOLF’s relationship with CD Projekt RED and how this project came about.

’The long-standing relationship between WOLF and CD Projekt RED really paved the way for this collaboration. Having worked with the guys at CD Projekt RED for over five years now,


whenever we get together it feels like meeting with old friends.

They share that same passion we have for innovation and new ideas which is just a pleasure to be around. We have been partners for a long time now, working on a range of exciting projects. From 3D printing detailed replicas of the Cyberpunk guns, to producing a giant 2.6m model from the game, which stands proudly inside the entrance to their Studios in Poland.

Through this work, we have become trusted partners over the years, to the point that…


they know when it comes to 3D printing and scanning here in Poland, we are the ones to call.

So how did the collab with Dawid come about?…

’This journey began when CD Projekt RED approached us with the idea of immortalizing Dawid in their Cyberpunk universe. Their plan was to have Dawid not only lend his voice for a killer theme song for Phantom Liberty , but ultimately to bring him to life in the game itself.’

And so, enter the Metahero scanner?

’Absolutely, a large part of agreeing to do this was that…

we saw it as the perfect opportunity to showcase the Metahero Devices capabilities.

We know that CD Projekt RED is an elite-level studio that produces top-quality work, and were confident that they would get the best results out of the Metahero scan data, so it was win win really.

People should understand that the end results of what can be achieved with these scans is, to a degree, determined by the person handling the raw data we give them.

Think of it like this. It’s like working with different-level chefs. You can give them the exact same high-end raw ingredients (data) and depending on their skill level and experience, they can produce anything from a passable meal – to a masterpiece of fine dining (top-quality avatar).

So given that Metahero’s area of expertise isn’t based on being an animation studio, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to showcase what these scanners are fully capable of when the data they produce is in the hands of a top gaming studio. And …well, you can see from the results, what they’ve created is absolutely stunning.

One of the most exciting things about that for me is that this scan was taken in Summer 2022 in our V3 Scanner!! Piotr Harwas has since made several optimizations and now even released a new Facescanner which allows for facial expression capture…insane…so Metahero’s capabilities today are even better than then!


You can just imagine the incredible things such studios will be able to do with the latest avatars going forward!’

How does it feel to see the results…


’The pride we feel in this project is immeasurable. When CD Projekt RED opted to use the Metahero scan data to craft Dawid’s digital persona, it was a testament to the quality we at WOLF strive for that is reflected in the Metahero project. To see our work come alive in-game is a unique thrill based on many years of work. I believe this serves as a clear demonstration of the power of Metahero’s technology and look forward to seeing it embraced more and more in the coming years. Even Dawid himself was evidently blown away by the quality, commenting particularly on the incredible detail we were able to capture of his many tattoos, a detail famously and all too often poorly replicated when creating avatars of celebrities in games. It’s this sort of accuracy in the details that really sets Metahero’s capabilities apart.’

There’s no more speculation about quality, It’s clear for all to see the level of what can be produced, once and for all. And the best thing is…it doesn’t stop there!

A New Dawn

Seeing Dawid come alive in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty marks a significant milestone, signifying the incredible potential to enhance art and entertainment with this technology. As the boundary between reality and the digital continues to fade, our meta scanner stands ready, capturing the human essence in all its complexity for the digital worlds of today and tomorrow.

Stay tuned as we continue to push the envelope, ensuring that the real and the virtual converge in ways that will change the way we interact in the virtual world forever!